Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I gave my hubby a year of sex

WHEN Charla Muller’s hubby turned 40 she pledged him a gift no one else could – 365 nights of guaranteed SEX. The high-flying PR exec hit upon the idea for salesman Brad, now 42. But with jobs and two kids aged seven and five, would the passion passport make or break their eight-year marriage? Charla, 42, from North Carolina, USA, has now written a book about the year. DULCIE PEARCE brings you extracts...

WHEN I offered my husband sex every day for a year to celebrate his 40th birthday he literally fell over.

After hearing the words, Brad slipped on a toy on the floor and landed with a thud.

As I had spent so long thinking about an exciting present that I thought he would love, I was confident he would say yes.

But to my astonishment, Brad refused my offer. He said: “It’s a great idea, I just don’t think you really mean it.”

After a week, Brad finally agreed... then he carried on reading his newspaper and I loaded the dishwasher.

During the first month of the present Brad loved it.

Sometimes I don’t shave my legs and have stinky breath, but Brad still finds me sexy

He was so happy, he was beaming all the time.

Me? I was also beaming. Being intimate at night meant we worked better as a couple during the day.

Our house ran better because we were more agreeable.

Having sex regularly made me start looking around, wondering who else was getting good loving. Is it the good-looking women or the regular mums — like me?

Looks can be very deceiving. Sometimes I don’t shave my legs and have stinky breath, but Brad still finds me sexy.

I didn’t feel particularly sexy when we started the gift, and this was difficult to get around.

But once we got into the regular love making — and I realised how much Brad really enjoyed his present — I felt good, and even a little bit sexy.

However, I worried our sex every day arrangement may become a routine, like brushing my teeth or having a shower.

One Friday night, two months into the gift, Brad arrived home from work and I asked him suggestively if he wanted to join me in the bath.

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